Player ID is a 18-digit number. If you do not know your ID, please enter "Unknown". You can find it at the bottom right corner of the title screen after launching the app, or in the in-app menu under "Titles&Profile.

Please enter "Player ID" that you request to recover. (Player ID is a 18-digit number) If you do not remember your ID, please enter "Unknown".

Please fill in the Player Name used in-game. If you don't know it, fill"Unknown"


For example:iPhone14 Pro, SO-54C (Xperia 5 IV)

For example:Version:1.0.1

Sample Entry: November 1 around 12:30 UTC . (As much as possible, please provide us with your specific timezone)

If there is an error message, kindly write it down all.


Enter "month" and "date".

Enter "year" and "month".

Please provide the details of your device model. Example: iPhone 13 Pro Max, Galaxy S6 SC-05G. iOS devices: You may check it from Settings> General> Information. Android devices: You may check it from Settings> About Phone (may vary depending on model).



Please also answer “Date and Time”, “Name of the Song”, “Difficulty”, and “Whether you cleared the Challenge Show or not”.

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