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This is a form dedicated for feedback. Should you contact us via this form, please be informed that we will not be responding to you individually. However, please be rest assured that we will check the contents of your feedback and use it for the improvement of our services.

This contact window is specialized for data recovery such as account being reset, unknown transfer ID/password and etc. Please enter as much of the following information as possible in order for us to determine your account's usage record: Player Name, Transfer ID, Account ID, Purchase History of Gems. For the other items as well, the information we received will be verified for identification purposes so kindly provide details as much as you can. Please note that we may be unable to provide your Transfer ID and password if we received insufficient information. Kindly enter "Unknown" if you do not know any of the "Required items."

This is a form solely dedicated for reporting illegal or nuisance players. Should you contact us via this form, please be informed that we will not be responding to you individually. Furthermore, with regards to privacy protection concerns, we will be refraining from disclosing the results of our investigation. In addition, we are also unable to intervene between the conflicts of two players.

Please fill "unknown" if ID is unknown.

Please enter the information of the account you wish to recover. Please enter the correct case for each letter of the name (e.g if they are in upper or lower case)

Please enter your player level.

For example: iPhoneX , SO-01J (Xperia XZ)

For Example: iOS 13.0.0, Android 9.0.0

Please fill in the Player Name used in-game.

Please go to MENU > Transfer, and copy your Transfer ID and paste it here. ※If Transfer ID is not obtainable from the game, please enter the Account ID that is shown on the bottom right of the Start screen.

Please enter the Transfer ID that is shown in the [Data Transfer Settings] screen in the app.

Please enter the Account ID that is shown on the bottom right of the Start screen.

Sample Entry: November 1 around 12:30 UTC . (As much as possible, please provide us with your specific timezone)

Please indicate the "Order Number" in the email received from Google Play after your purchase is completed. The order number starts with [GPA.] and includes hyphens (-). (Example:GPA.1234-5678-9012-34567)

Please enter the number of purchased Gems (or purchase price) and purchase date. You can also send us screenshots of relevant purchase invoices that were sent to your email linked to the app store. If not purchased, please enter "None".

For example:2020/01/01 00:00

In the case of multiple unreflected purchases, please indicate the date and time of purchase, and the purchased amount under "Remarks".

Please indicate the name of the quest last played. Example: Deceit 4, Strange Signal - Neutral Quest 3, Chapter 3-10, Leveling Quest Chapter 1 and etc.

Please enter the name of 1 latest summoned Demon. Example: Got Beelzebub in May / Got Beelzebub through Gem Summon

Please enter the name of the Demon that you last Awakened.

Please list 3 or more Demons in your Defense Party. For example: Nekotama, Jack Frost, Cu Sith.

Please list 3 or more Demons in your Party. Example: Nekotama, Jack Frost.

Kindly provide us the name of the spirit that you have.

Please indicate the recent month and name of 1 demon when you performed Spirit Merge・Spiritize.

Kindly enter the name of 1 demon.

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